Albertans – Remove Your Criminal Record

If you've been found guilty of a criminal offence, you have a criminal record. Want to remove the stigma associated with a criminal record? Assured Pardons has the proven experience to secure your criminal pardon quickly and efficiently.

Hassle-free and guaranteed.

Criminal records are not automatically removed; you must apply under the Criminal Records Act of Canada for a pardon. A pardon allows people who were convicted, but have rehabilitated themselves since their conviction, to have their criminal record kept 'separate and apart' from other criminal records.

No matter where you live in Alberta, we can help secure your pardon.

Pardon Eligibility

After completion of your sentence, the following waiting periods must elapse before your application can be submitted:

3 years

  • for a summary offence other than a sexual offence

5 years

  • for an indictable offence other than a sexual offence
  • for a summary sexual offence

10 Years

  • for a personal injury offence (Section 752 of the Criminal Code) including manslaughter, where a sentence of two or more years was imposed
  • for an indictable sexual offence

Completion of your sentence includes:

  • Payment of any fines, surcharges or restitution orders.
  • Conclusion of parole and/or probation period.

Please Note: For the purpose of a pardon, a court order, which prohibits you from driving or possessing a firearm, is not considered as part of a sentence.

Canadian Pardon Process

With Assured Pardons, our pardon process is fast, easy and efficient. Once we have established your eligibility here’s what we do on your behalf to petition the National Parole Board:

  1. Acquire your certified criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) in Ottawa. Note: You will need to be fingerprinted at your local police station or a private fingerprinting service in Alberta.
  2. If you've ever been a member of the military, we will obtain your military conduct sheet.
  3. Get confirmation from each court court that any fines, surcharges or restitution orders have been paid, verify the method of trial of your conviction and obtain proof of convictions which may not appear on CPIC.
  4. Obtain a local police records check from the Police Service for every address that you've lived at within the past 5 years. Note: You may have to go to your local Alberta police station.
  5. Submit and track your application, taking care of any correspondence. We keep you informed during every stage of the process.

We’ll take care of every aspect of your pardon, from obtaining all the necessary documentation to completing each and every step to ensure that your pardon is awarded quickly and correctly.

Why Albertans Choose Assured Pardons

Proven Experience – Our staff is highly trained with extensive pardon experience.

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